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This is a new age thing, I know, but visualizing helps.  I help my husband visualize situations, hands, settings, etc that could, may and will happen.  For example, Day 1 of the WSOP, it will be daunting, you have thousands of people from all over the world coming to fit into a convention hall, what are you thinking.  What should you be thinking.  As a women, I know what I am thinking, what about a man?  You know that the way the neural circuits work, thoughts and feelings collide.  Then go to tables, you get a great hand and get short stacked by a mediocre hand because of the river, what happens then, what can you visualize when do you do?  What is the fear and how do you handle it, what can you help him think about?  Even typing this makes my heart beat faster because these are scenarios that poker players face with much anxiety.  And it does happen.  So helping him visualize a calm stream, a smiling you, a happy home, his favorite food, something that will shift his thoughts to a better place will make it better.  Visualizing good hands-AA heart/diamonds  on the button and doubling up, check raising when flopping a set of 10’s, smile with him.  These are great feelings. 

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To add to this, there is a theory that I will call "poker duality", this should be minimized. It is the heart wanting to win and the mind telling you it is impossible. You have been there where your husband may talk about how hard the field is, how many thousands of players there are, or the good old statement, "there can be only one winner". He wants it to be him, so why can't it be. Poker duality, where the mind is split of wanting and talking itself out of the want. This duality needs to spot and you can be the agent of change. The best way is to give him the pep talk, king of the world, how he has game, know the language of his tight aggressive game, how he can read players, and know by heart some of the best moments that he has played. That is why you need to know the poker terms to be an effective pokerwifeforlife. Imagine this: you say, this "Hubbs, you will dominate, you are THE best player out there, you get into their minds, you are initutative and know exactly how to play, they can't get a read on you, you are smart, have no ego and play your best game. Remember when you played two 12 hour days on no sleep and played heads up and were able to win it straight up and got the other guy to go all in with a flop of KK6 and you had trips? You have it and will always have it. I believe in your game, I love you." Stop the duality with synchrony that you have created-give him the vision of something he did before and that he can replicate again. Let him visualize the trophy, the watch, the braclet, the table of 100 dollar bills, the final table and your proud smile when you give him the winning hug and let him know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

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Action:  you will save the day, draw a picture for him and put it in his wallet of the visualized focus for him, it will be a great surprise for him. 

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