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Top Three Hands

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Select the top three hands that give him trouble 

Generally speaking there are trouble hands for players.  For my husband, they are AJ, QQ, and AK.  Of course, they are superior hands but for some reason have gotten him in “trouble” in the past.  It is good to get this out of the “system” and talk it out.  I am superstitious and it is important to discuss these hands and the situations.  There is a quote that most players can’t remember the hands that they win but with most certain and a great degree of memory, they can remember the hands they lost with. It may fluctuate, but it is good to be solid when you play but practice flexibility. Generally, the rule is play these hands in position. We have raised 3X in position, tried to limped out of position and when reraised >> folded-but it has changed quite a bit through the years with these hands. What are your trouble hands.

On the other hand, what are the top favorite hands to play, at least that is unusual? That makes his play different. Of course, who doesn't want pocket Aces in position...but my husband has done well with 5-6suited in position, 7-2 suited in the blinds and A-10 is my personal fav...funny?? Do discuss these, if you are playing different from the table and practicing awareness, you will stay ahead of the pack.

Action:  Talk to you husband about these hands and what it would be like to get them, in what position would he play them, what type of player and when would he fold? 

If you have any comments or questions, please sign my guestbook 

If you have any comments or questions, please sign my guestbook

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