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PreDay and Day Prep

pre day day preparation for poker strategy

What does he need to pre-day prep  and day prep

This is one of my favorites because I feel it is instrumental for his pre day game, the day before he plays the tournament.  Some would like to engage in poker talk, some want quiet, have a massage, be rested and a enjoy great meal or all of the above.  Some need to be all poker’ed up with cramming sessions.  Either way, it is important because this all circulates with playing his A-Game.  Other items to consider for his pre day prep is his clothes, remember it is a tournament and an event.  I like to discuss what is most comfortable and what image he is trying to portray.  Believe it or not, all of this plays a factor.  Remember, some people WANT them to think they are a fish or a business man with no poker experience for a reason.  Making sure he is ready for his gear is important.  Also, if he has specific needs like medications, his energy drinks, or money, make it easy for him.  For his day prep, he may need a pump up talk, who ever that person is, you or a best friend to tell him what he needs to hear to get his GAME face on!  

One last reminder, if it is possible, you can assist in the game day research. If they have the seating chart available, you can google each and see where their rankings are to give you an idea of how they play etc. This will be a great pre-day help.

Action:  make a list and support it

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