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Poker swings are a natural and common occurrence in most poker players careers.  If your financial situation can handle it, then it is up to both of you as partners to decide what to do in that swing.  At times, it may not be financial feasible and the decision may be to select another career. 

It can best be described as a time when poker is not profitable.  Okay, let’s assume that it is financially feasible but just not profitable.  As a poker coach, you will need to go back to the basics and remember where you started off.  Going back to the basics can be defined as where you play, how you play, and who you play. 

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For where you play, you need to go back to a lower level game.  Many players find with poker success quickly and move through the tournaments rings fast.  That is, they may have started at a $40 buy in with success and in a year found themselves playing at a WPT $1500 buy in event.  It would be normal to find yourself not getting excited to play at a $40 event again, the surge of the opponents, the event itself, and of course, the cash prize is not enticing.  The players at a $40 and a $1000 are quite different, review the Personality Profile, probably getting a lot more fish and calling stations.  As a PokerWifeForLife, you will need to identify this place for your husband and support his play.  You may need to negotiate with him, if he wins this then that:  $40 >>  $100 >> $200 >>  $500 >> so on.  Men like that challenge and women like the planning and if it is successful, you both benefit.  If it is not, you are not losing a lot.  Going back to the basics at in what limit your play helps a player lose bad habits, see bad habits and reinforce good.  You can then discuss what you both noticed and keep track of sessions to discuss for future days.  If at a tournament, you can watch him as well observations, during breaks both of you can discuss hands and make observations.  Local tournaments are awesome learning opportunities, some key points is to note:  hands, people and how he played.  Have fun, some of my best memories are at these small local tournaments!

Going back to the basics allows you to build your bankroll up again.

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Action:  keep track of thirty lessons learned for future sessions, when he can recite each of them and why, he is probably ready to give it a shot again

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