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Poker busts, bad beats, taboo in my world.  This is an awful place to be.  I have heard that if you lost $ on a bad beat, you probably were in with the best of it.  That statement generally makes someone feel better, but no matter what, it still hurts!  You can talk all you want about why your opponent was in there, how they only had three outs, how there was only a 5% shot for them to hit it on the river, the point is, your man is out of the tournament.  Just remember he is hurting twice as you because, he is working for you and he is thinking of the different things he could have done to prevent it.  Read Psychology of Poker for more review.  The worst thing to do is to get on him for making the choices he did. 

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Give him time, let him vent, or if he does not say anything, let him bee.  Most like to talk about the hand on replay, think about the basketball games and how they replay a slam dunk three times on repeat, that is the way I think about it when a man either makes it and especially if they get poker busted.  So I would let him be in control of the conversation.  This is the good 'ol bad beat story time. Some men love to tell them, most don't want to hear them. So you can be the best coach by listening to the bad beat as much as possible.

Also, if he wants to change the conversation, I never show him that I am sad about it AT ALL, I move on and discuss how I am happy, remember what drives his A game and talk about that. You know him, perhaps you make a recommendation to get a soda or he take a break (whatever to clear his brain and get right in). Your support means all the world to him, you move on, so does he.  Wow, can’t you see how vital it is for you to be the PokerWifeForLife?

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