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Identify his strongest personality in playing 

Review the personality types sheet and identify his type of play.  This is a great way to communicate with you as well.  Remember, a man does not like to speak a lot, but when talking about a topic like poker, you may just be surprised just how much he will talk to you about the subject.  Print out the sheet and ask him which type of player he is and when he will play what style.  Let me give you an example, the tournament’s beginning is slow to start and some players believe that they will create their table image (if you are not sure of this terminology, please click on 101) another thought is to collect chips early and aggressive play is called for. If you really help him, you may be surprised how much you learn about the game and he may give you some appreciation to be able to talk poker. Action:  ask him if you can help him plan of attack for Day 1 using his style of play, break strategy and table personality play. 

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There are many opinions to the best style of play. My personal opinion is when a player can flex their style to any one of the types based on the needs of the table. The basic rule is "play opposite of the table". So if the table is really aggressive filled with Internet players, you will need to be really tight. The ideas is to be opposite. Make sense?

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Poker Coaching

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