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Discuss the types of players

Review the personality types sheet and identify the six personalities of players that could be on the table playing.  They are all difficult to play against because at any time could be unpredictable.  So you can get background on the personalities, go to 101 to get more information. 
Action:  Talk to your husband about which type of player he likes the best and least and why

Other considerations in player types is thinking who your husband is playing against. In a tournament, you can google the players to see if they have won any tournaments in the past and can make some type of conclusions about them. What are their stats, when they rank-is it more final table or just to rank, and are they even listed? This type of information can give you some dimension to their play. For example, if a players rank is high with many final tables, you can see that they are experienced and must be weary about their level of play. If you notice that a player has rankings in local tournaments with no big tournament stat, this could be one of their first large tournaments. This could all factor in their decision making process. Finally, if they are not ranked, is this their first tournament or do they bust a lot? 

With that said, what is your husbands ranking?

The final note regarding player types is to see what image the player is trying to portray. If the opponent is dressed in Internet Poker Gear, what does that mean? Or a business suit? Think about what image your husband would like to portray for tournament day.

Have fun!

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