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No scared money.  You may have heard this term.  It is defined exactly as it is spelled.  Playing poker with scared money.  Not taking risks so you may lose opportunities to take down pots from passive players, bluff a bit, player position, etc.  The beauty of the game is just the opposite is to get to a mental game of no scared money.  Every poker players has this and you can help rid this.  I must first remark at the obvious:  financial limitations.  He may invest in a $500 tournament and this may scare you because you assign what you could have bought if he does not cash (win).  You think you could have paid your mortgage, this was two weeks worth of groceries, or you could have purchased that luxury purse you wanted.  If you would like more information why you think this, go to “Poker Communication”.  Being a PokerWifeForLife means that you support it all the way.  Do not assign yourself to the outcome.  This is the first step to have no scared money, consider the $500 gone and if he does well, it is a such as small price for a huge payback.  It is better than the lottery.  No scared money is now combined with “I am happy”.  When he plays, do not call him each break and ask “how are you doing”, “did you win”, “what is your chip stack”.  You will break both rules because if he is not doing well, your tone will react and give him scared money which will turn him to an F

player.  Do you see how this is all related?  Action:  ask him how can you give him no scared money?

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This will kick start a really good mental energy for the two of you. Try it out and talk out the specific situations and do not get defensive about it.  Accept it, remember it and honor it. 

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