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The Poker site made for women to help our men!

If you are here today, you are ready to learn how to become a poker wife for life.  You are ready to accept what it takes to support this endeavor and encourage his poker game.  I fully believe that a huge part of a poker man’s game is his wife’s support and if you can “coach” him to greatness…WOW! 

This site’s intention is to give you the foundation of a poker man’s game, how he thinks, why you think the way you do, and how together (using synergy), you will help him have a winning attitude! 

Who knows, you may improve your own poker game as well.  Finally, I have found that it cascades into your own marriage life). 

And really isn't that the most important?

It is a win win win situation.
What this site is NOT

  • Poker background
  • Poker analytics
  • Poker statistics
  • Poker information

~This is a poker site for us gals, the way we understand it~

However, you must have a common understanding of what poker is, how it is played, what hand beats what and poker terminology. 
If not, please read 101 before you continue or you WILL be confused.
What this site IS

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**If you feel that you someone that has a problem with gambling or addiction, please find and contact help. 

**This does not make any claims, only based on personal testimony.

**I am not making any financial guarantees


Poker Coaching


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