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Where is the best place for you to discuss these items and when would be best 

For the discussions of personality types and hand selections, you may want to select a time and place to talk.  We live by the beach and use it as a time for a four mile walk and talk.  I just love it because we get exercise, talk time and us time.  Generally the poker talk is about the three mile mark and the last mile is about love.  Or he can select somewhere that offers the best mind challenge. He may say that the best place is at home with wine, guess what, you have just got yourself a date night! I highly recommend it.  Action:  mark a time and a place so he will reserve it just for you 

Some other things to consider is what to discuss during your walks. I usually come prepared. If it is a week before a tournament, I try to come with the checklist or Top 10 list that was created before to use as a guide. If it is the Top 10, we discuss the A game topic, I ask him what is needed so we solidify what he needs and how I can accomodate. If it is after a tournament, we can generate another Top 10 list or checklist that is fresh. You can see that this is a continual cycle or coaching and really a renewal process for your relationship. You will find yourself becoming "friends" enjoying a new hobby.

If you are walkiing, at a restaurant, or at home, don't be surprised that he will come to enjoy it so much, he will be reminding you of the sessions.

Please do write in my blog how the sessions are going.

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