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Dealing with a Bad Run

bad run poker how to coach

Poker Bads Times..this is pre, during and post tournament.  I would imagine that you have experienced this some time during his poker career.  Remember emotion is contagious so if he reacts, you react and then it is explosion…  Try to remember that you have the extra nurturing hormone that should kick in, for review please read Poker Psychology Just give it some time to release for you to care for him.  You know your husband and understand that the underlying reason for him to play poker is ultimately to care for you and your family, it is his way of providing.

So if he gets locked out of a tournament, it has happened before where traffic gets bad and he is late and cannot register, that qualifies for a poker bad time, what can you do to be a PokerWifeForLife?  Be a good Part B, dinner at home, meet him and play heads up, or encourage him to play cash well and focus his game?

Poker Bads could be having a bad run from the start because he is card dead and he needs a twist of luck, how can you be a PokerWifeForLife?  Be a good sweater, send him good vides, or if he busts out, be a good wife to come home to.  This will be good feng shui for the next time, it has happened for me and it could happen for you. 

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