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This is a true story about boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl learns that boy is pretty good at cards, girl learns how to coach boy and boy wins!

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This is our first major tournament.  I recall the first day I mentioned "POKER" in our home.  We were watching the Travel Channel and I was intrigued to learn this was not a game of chance, it was about how analytical you were and basically playing the players on the table.  We talked about hands back and forth and I was impressed with my husbands knowledge and level of examination play by play.  One month later, we were driving on the 5 freeway and were passing by a poker establishment, I asked him how similar LIVE was to the TV, he said more exciting..because it is your money.  I said, our limit if $50 and let’s do it.  I sat behind my husband playing a Limit game of 3-6, my heart pounding as I watched hand by hand…we left with a $100 profit two hours later.  Time seemed to pause as well as go by so fast, I lost track of time.  We played cash here and there, our jobs were limiting because poker, really good poker requires TIME.  And when you are working, there is no free time to do it.  As I “coached” and “inspired” my husband to play, we got better, up’ed to NO LIMIT and that is how the story really begins.

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Six months later, we had a monthly routine, watching Travel Channel, talking about the hands/players and when we got a chance, we played live and profitted fun money.  He played his first satellite to get into a $500 tournament and then I started understanding the level of play from cash to tournament and the levels from there. It has become "our" hobby, we talk out hands, he calls me when he needs support during a tournament and frankly it is some of the most exciting times for me (even as a woman-I come from a what does Poker mean background). We have come to this point, that win or lose, it only matters if he plays his best. I know what that means because I am so involved in his game. I have become an official PokerWifeForLife because I support his game, I love the game, I have fun being his Poker coach, and I benefit from the financial reward, so will you join me?

Poker is a game of strategy.  There are analytics involved where you have to know the math and calculate the odds. What is just as important is your mental stamina, can you withstand a twelve hour tournament, how do you handle a bad beat situation, what is your heads up game?  I strongly believe supporting your husband, boyfriend, partner’s poker play can be even MORE important than the math itself.  And together, it is a frightening combination.

If you are here, then you want to be a pokerwifeforlife as well: you will support him, you will be his coach, his best friend, and together a poker team. It is so much fun! Good luck soon to be PokerWifeForLife.

I will be outlining the rationale for pokerwifeforlife, psychology, how to get started in better communication, tips for tournaments, and more.  My goal is to get started and see what the needs are for PokerWifeForLife and build. So I welcome your feedback on my forum and guestbook. Some of my ideas are podcasts, teleconference and individual needs.

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As you can see, the relationship you have with your husband is everything.. I thought you would like to see this, as this can happen to you!!!

Proud to be a PokerWifeForLife! 


**If you feel that you someone that has a problem with gambling or addiction, please find and contact help. 

**This does not make any claims, only based on personal testimony.

**I am not making any financial guarantees



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