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A Game can best be defined as his supreme game where his reads, bluffs and plays are 100% and on-"A Game". The saying goes, a poker tournament is won when he plays his A+ game. So how to you create an environment where that can occur. Think about this, on the other end, there is such a thing as F game. Oh yes... So the question to your husband should be, what can I do to ensure my best contribution to your A Game.

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My husband’s example lists are below.  I would bet that one if not both of these are in your husband’s as well.

    1. I am happy
    2. No scared money

Let me give you a breakdown as to why these are good for a starting strong mental game.  “I am happy”, this gives him a peace of mind.  Imagine if he is worrying about you during a tournament or you have to call/text him because of something you need.  The “I am happy” clause gives him free pass to have serenity from you during a tournament.  No worries, no phone calls from children, no pressure, just allow him to play his best game.  After all, you benefit if he does well, right.  Let me go further in the “I am happy” clause.  I am not sure what kind of relationship you what I am talking about when he can tell when you are in a "mood":  tone of voice, word choice, sigh.. You know.  If he is travelling for a tournament, playing in a multi day tournament, or just being away from an extended period from you..  give it to him and be happy.  You will benefit all the way around from it! 
Action:  ask him what you can do to show him you are happy

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Poker Coaching

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