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911 calls

911 calls emergency coaching checklist strategy

Poker 911 calls, I wish there was a protocol fort his like the 911 telephone operator poker hotline. 
Husband calls
You say “what is the nature of the emergency”
He says “I am super short stack and am in flames”
You say “sh…tt.”

That would be the unPokerWifeForLife thing to do, of course, you need to be supportive and confident.  More than likely, he may text you or you may be there and can see it.  Remember, even your facial expression will show trauma, so be aware.  In this situation, I highly recommend practicing being calm and showing no emotion.  I would focus on that visualization in How we can coach and use your checklist.  If via text, send him a cosmic message like “aces angels baby”, “it will happen for you”,  or “I am here”.  Either way, think peace and composure. 

Now if he calls you, you need to verbally be the same, you need to calm him down and say the same thing.  Something like, “as we practiced honey, you will go all in on these hands XYZ, this is your best game, you can do it, you have always done it, you are the man!” 

That is why the visualization and discussion before helps.  In the prep, if you have researched each player before on his table, say something like "you got them" "you can take them down" "you are by far the best player at the table". Keep your comments consistent and calm. 

Good luck~

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